11 March 2011

In a televised interview on the 3rd March 2011 EU Commissioner John Dalli justified the way that Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi is retaliating towards his people. He stated “he didn’t think he had the right, or anyone else, to make a statement on whether he (Gaddafi) should step down”.

EU Commissioner John Dalli also stated “I think that Gaddafi should make his own decisions”.

This arrogant and incompetent politician is justifying the breach of human rights and murder that has been taking place in Libya since the fight for freedom and democracy started there. By making such a statement he is also approving all the dictatorships that still exist today.

As for Gaddafi making his own decisions, he certainly has. Gaddafi decided to remain in power at all costs, including murdering his own people to achieve that.

Dalli went on to say that he detested, hated and condemned violence. However, he seems to give the impression that it is alright if it is Gaddafi doing it.

John Dalli and his immediate family have been doing business with Gaddafi's Libya for many years. John Dalli & Associates conducted a lot of business there despite the UN sanctions against Libya. This confirms that Commissioner John Dalli is always prepared to break or bend the law to protect his personal interests.

This scoundrel goes on to say that the reports coming out of Libya were unreliable and that the possibility was that the protester shots were staged by reporters. John Dalli knows a lot about staging shots for reporters.   

When he criticises the press coverage in Libya, he proves how biased and out of touch he is. Libyans speaking perfect English are not unusual. Many of them have gone over there from the UK to help their fellow citizens. Many others speak very good English anyway. This criticism also demonstrates his contempt towards journalists who are risking their lives to show the world the terrible struggle of the Libyan people to gain freedom and democracy.

In this televised interview he is sitting on the fence and does not have the courage to condemn Gaddafi while Libyans are sacrificing their lives for freedom and democracy. He is more interested in protecting his business interests out there. This shows he is an amateur politician and no statesman.

He also shows staggering naivety if he thinks Gaddafi has made an attempt at conciliation. Any attempt at conciliation by Gaddafi would be cynical. The Libyan people will never reconcile themselves to Gaddafi, they just want him gone.

“The Arab culture…. preaches vindication”. John Dalli practices it. He made false and malicious accusations against me (Joseph Ellul-Grech) because I informed the Prime Minister DR E. Fenech Adami and the police about his involvement in the Daewoo Scandal. That is where he gained the name “Johnny Cash” because he likes his backhanders in cash.

Time and again he proves how arrogant he is. He did not have the decency and common sense to apologise when I was acquitted of all the charges he brought against him. He only agreed to have the anonymous letters case investigated because he knows that it would be a cover up. John Dalli also knows the Malta police are amateurs and are not interested in investigating this case because of his involvement.  THAT IS THE EXTENT OF POLITICAL CORRUPTION IN MALTA.

However, do not be fooled into thinking Malta practices complete freedom and democracy. Many will testify that it doesn’t. Just as in any other regime, people in Malta are cautious about what they say and who they say it to. Vindictiveness is practised there as well. I am one of John Dalli's victims.

This idiot Dalli goes on to state that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relies on the media for her information. Anyone to making such a statement has to be as dumb as a baboon. Everyone knows the vast resources that the US has to gather accurate, up to the minute information, unlike the Maltese secret service. That bunch is only capable of spying on fellow citizens.  

However, his opinions, business interests and claims of misrepresentation do not matter. It is leaders like President Barak Obama and other world leaders such as David Cameron whose opinions carry weight. John Dalli is just a small fish in a large ocean.

John Dalli should also explain when were the last audited accounts for his businesses submitted to M.F.S.A.? He should also explain the millions of US dollars ( 10 - 50 million) turnover for Tyre Ltd (one of his companies).                                                                                                                                                     


There is also the question of the €3.5 million worth of assets he used as security through Fimbank to bail out his brother’s bankrupt business (Mixer Ltd). 

It seems that John Dalli’s business made a fantastically large amount of profits in a short space of time. If Fimbank was prepared to provide €3.5 million the assets to secure the funds must have been worth at least €7million. Where did all this money come from?

What sort of business was John Dalli conducting in Libya? Was it money laundering for the Gaddafis?

EU Commissioner John Dalli also had other businesses that do not appear in the business registry. These businesses are as follows; Database Limited, Tourist Resources Limited and Johdal Limited. There is no indication in the company’s register that these companies have been 
 liquidated or that audited accounts were  submitted to MFSA as they are obliged to  do by law.

Prior to his appointment as commissioner, President Jose` Manuel Barroso and many MEP’s were informed of John Dalli’s corrupt practices. However, his nomination was accepted instead of it being refused. President Barroso and his spokesman tried to cover up Dalli’s pathetic and unacceptable comments. How can Brussels accept and defend incompetent and unaccountable amateurs like John Dalli in their ranks. It is no wonder that many Europeans look at the EU Commission with disgust.

It is about time that this out-dated, arrogant and corrupt politician disappeared. He is bringing Malta and the EU into disrepute. EU Commissioner John Dalli is the sewer of Maltese and European politics. He must resign.

John Dalli's Dodgy Manoeuvres 1

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